The Smoking Gun
of Smoking Guns!
by Tom Solari


Andreas Lubitz

Adam Lanza

Ivan Lopez
*   Psych meds found in crash co-pilot's home - 150 dead.

*   Sandy Hook school killer, Adam Lanza, was a psychiatric patient.
     Authorities hiding his medical records - 27 dead.

*   Fort Hood shooter was on anti-depression medication - 4 dead,
     16 wounded.


Someone slaughters a number of their fellow human beings and the media pundits and talking heads are, once again, shocked and stupefied as to what caused this and how can it be stopped?

There is talk about a "mental health" link. The killer obviously had "mental health problems." Brilliant!


Then we find out (sometimes after considerable digging) that the killer had been in "treatment" for emotional problems and, what do you know, the treatment consists of psychiatric medications, which have been found to produce violent behaviors in people. (It's right there on the labels and in the ads.)


Here is what I don't understand. If I see a statistic showing that, in recent years, a LARGE number of senseless mass murders were committed by individuals who had been taking mind-altering drugs, THAT MEANS SOMETHING TO ME!

At least it means there is some connection between the mind-altering drug and the ALTERED MIND that now has gone crazy and thinks a number of innocent people should die!

You see why we can call it "The Smoking Gun of Smoking Guns?" It looks to be the likely cause of nearly all of this kind of violence. How can the media continue to ignore this?



Pundits, talking heads, radio hosts, journalists—whatever the political persuasion—when you see the statistic that a LARGE number of mass killings are committed by people who are now or had recently been under a psychiatrist's care and were given mind-altering, mood-changing drugs, known to produce violent behaviors in people, what goes on in YOUR mind that causes a failure to connect those dots and at least acknowledge the existence of this simple fact in your reporting?


If you, who are reading this, can't see the connection I'm talking about or don't see the relevance or importance of it—or, or, or—please tell me your reasoning. I really want to know what, in your view, I'M missing or failing to grasp.

And please keep it to your view of this and not what you think motivates others to think or behave a certain way. I understand, for example, that pharmaceutical companies have a lot of influence throughout the media, due to the size of their
advertising budget. I also understand that media personalities, themselves, might be taking some type of drug. Whoops!

That said, if anyone knows, personally, any of the prominent media figures I'm talking about, you might send this to them or ask them for me. I guess you can call it a survey.

The people of the public airways have a lot of influence. It's time they woke up on this subject or got their priorities straight and stopped dodging around this reality and did something effective to help change it, as long as they're bothering to report it. Many, many lives can be saved if the truth is made known.

Tom Solari

For the full depth of understanding and reporting on this subject, please visit the
Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

They are the champions!
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