Welcome to the COVID-19
Twilight Zone
by Tom Solari

I thought the two-year fraudulent investigation of Trump by a Democrat Party hit squad of cut-throat lawyers and prosecutors was as bad as it gets.

Based on ILLEGALLY procured FISA warrants and after two years and a cost of some $32 million, the Mueller probe couldn't come up with a single indictable offence. Zero, nada, zilch. It was a malicious attempt to undo a Presidential election.


Then I thought that the House's phony impeachment of Trump was as bad as it gets. After months of testimony, they went forward with two charges that were absurd: an "abuse of power" charge based on a perfectly legitimate phone conversation with a foreign head of state, the transcript of which was made public (much to their dismay), and a charge of "obstruction" based on the Executive Branch's referral of the matter to the Judiciary Branch, which happens to be the way this Constitutional Republic is set up to work.

Released transcripts of the secret testimony reveal that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff's continued insistence that there was EVIDENCE of the Trump campaign's wrongdoing, was completely FALSE. There Is NO such evidence. Zero, nada, zilch. Schiff lied, lied, lied and continues to lie.


Now I'm tempted to say that current circumstances are as bad as it gets. Most of the world is in lock-down because of a virus pandemic which is, more and more, looking like a CREATED CRISIS.

For one thing, the lock-down is based on high predicted death rates but then it's admitted by highly-placed individuals that the number of deaths from the virus is grossly exaggerated.

One reason could be that hospitals and doctors get paid MORE for Medicare patients diagnosed WITH COVID-19 or PRESUMED to have COVID-19, absent a laboratory-confirmed test. And they get paid 3X MORE if the patient is placed on a ventilator (which is found to be a death sentence for many).

There's also a report from AP/ABC News that says more than 4,500 recovering corona virus patients were sent to New York NURSING HOMES under a state directive by NY Governor Cuomo. With nursing homes already filled with the most vulnerable risk group, this makes NY nursing homes a virtual death trap, contributing greatly to that city's already high death totals.


Then we find out that, next to the U.S. government, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been the second largest funder of the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION.

Under the leadership of Tedros Adhanom, the W.H.O. seems to have collaborated with the Chinese government to suppress news of the pending pandemic, downplaying its seriousness and allowing it to escape China and infect the rest of the world.

Could it be that Tedros was influenced by people in the drug business who fund his W.H.O. and stand to make billions from the sale of vaccines?


Speaking of Bill Gates—he is on record promoting the idea of vaccinating every man, woman and child on Earth. Only then can things become "normal," by his standards. It's just a coincidence that humanitarian Gates is heavily invested in the development of vaccines.

Gates also thinks it's a good idea to have everyone carded or chipped as to their vaccine status, making it necessary to be vaccinated before being allowed to board a plane or a train, stay in a hotel, get a job, etc. It's a brave new world that is being envisioned. The Chinese Social Credit System might serve as an excellent example of how to control (enslave) a populace but this is a STEP UP!


Many doctors are reporting that a low-cost, FDA-approved drug that's been in use for decades is highly effective in handling coronavirus cases. They claim a success rate of over 90% when it's administered early on in combination with a couple of other low-cost medications or vitamins.

Why then did the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advise against it's use? Why has Anthony Fauci advised against its use, referring to a test that involved giving it to patients very late in the game, with negative consequences?

When we know that this drug's success comes when it's used in early-to-middle stages of the disease, that looks like a test that's DESIGNED to fail.

Here is where we begin to discover HOW BAD IT CAN GET!


Fauci's organization, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), back in 2014, funded (with US taxpayer money) a dangerous research project in Wuhan, China, which experimentally creates the type of virus we are currently dealing with.

If such a virus were to escape the lab, a vaccine could be developed to handle it. In fact, a number of expensive vaccines are in development. Fauci promotes these while poo-pooing the generic HCQ, which costs practically nothing.

Then we find out that Fauci was touting the effectiveness of HCQ as an anti-viral drug back in 2005. What's going on here?


Here is a word that gets bandied about and often describes something or someone we simply disagree with. I can't count up the times I've been told how "evil" Donald Trump is.

By definition, EVIL means profoundly immoral and wicked. PROFOUNDLY means greatly, extremely.

When important figures in the health field, whom we are supposed to rely on to protect our health and well-being with their research and findings, are discovered to be ignoring or condemning existing, plentiful, low-cost, workable remedies in favor of yet to be developed, untested, expensive remedies, there is something PROFOUNDLY EVIL afoot.


Everyday we are told we have to observe, without question, all of the protocols of the quarantine lock-down. ONE death from this virus is too much to pay for business as usual.

We each must sacrifice the loss of our jobs, our income, school for our kids, sports gatherings, church gatherings, trips to our parks, days at the beach, etc, etc, in order to save that ONE life. To not do so is cruel beyond measure.

At the same time, how many people have been SENTENCED TO DEATH by our medical "experts" who allowed this virus to be unleashed and then refused to allow effective treatments, such as HCQ, found to have already saved thousands of lives across the world?


Do you get what we're dealing with here? Someone has an agenda so vital as to allow the wholesale demise of thousands of individuals by withholding effective treatment until a pet solution, in this case vaccines, is put in place as the ONLY answer to global health.

Chew on this for a bit. We must lock down the world and ruin individual livelihoods and whole economies in order to prevent the spread of a virus which, uncomfortable and dangerous as it might be, is turning out to be hardly worse than a flu bug which typically kills many thousands per year.

As with any such virus, if you're old and rickety enough or already suffering with other serious ailments—heart disease, TB, diabetes—it can help push you over the edge.

In the face of a new virus, the SANE answer would be to rush to protect the most vulnerable and let the rest of us go about our business, such as was done in Florida and other locations.


What's making COVID-19 different, and in many respects more deadly, is the enormous, worldwide fear campaign that's been launched and being maintained on its behalf.

Swine flu, bird flu, SARS, ebola—any such virus typically comes with a media fear campaign. After all, that is the essence of news reporting—the worse it can be made to seem, the better.

But this one time, in all of history, we have been ordered to shut down the world. To fail to do so, we are told, will mean millions of deaths from COVID-19.


There is the failed attempt to take Trump down with the fraudulent Mueller investigation. Then there is the failed attempt to take Trump down via phony impeachment proceedings.

Now Trump's three-year booming economy, with record-high job growth and record-low unemployment, is sure to guarantee his reelection and, out of the blue, we are hit with a carefully orchestrated disaster, wiping out the economy and everyone in it excepting politicians, media types and the very rich.


Instead of "how bad can it get," let's look at what lengths Trump's opposition will go to in order to defeat him.

When the first two attempts didn't work, somebody, somewhere said, "Okay, buster, let's see you survive this!" And we have the destruction of the world's economy—except maybe for CHINA, the origin point of the virus and bosom buddies with the World Health Organization.


How dare I attempt to politicize this! Okay. How dare the mainly blue state Governors insist on delaying the economic reopening! Why is the DEMOCRAT leadership dragging their feet and maintaining draconian measures to keep the economy in a state of collapse?

We know it's not to save lives. That would be done by promoting the use of effective remedies, not closing beaches, the healthiest place to be—out in the sun, sopping up Vitamin D, a known natural curative.

I maintain that NO ONE ALIVE is so naive as to believe this prolonged shutdown is for other than political purposes—to defeat Trump. But then, anything goes when it comes to politics, right?


Back to Fauci and the elite medical class. I'm not a medical expert but here is what I know from a lifetime of experience.

A wholesome diet, nutrition, sufficient exercise and the right vitamins help to build a strong immune system capable of fighting off viral attacks. And I can see there are proven remedies, such as HCQ, that work to treat a virus like COVID-19.

It's also a good health practice to keep negative, destructive individuals out of one's life.

And I have learned to stay clear of medical doctors and hospitals. Not that I doubt their sincerity and expertise in certain procedures and situations but it's obvious to me that their education largely suggests the use of DRUGS to solve most ailments.

The point here is that I, a "certified" medical NON-EXPERT, using common sense and experience, know with absolute certainty that good diet and vitamin supplements WORK to maintain health, and many will agree with me.

So what are we to think about a so-called medical "expert" who maintains that the use of vitamins to prevent or handle an illness is some kind of quackery? This is what we get from Fauci, the W.H.O, the CDC and most of the medical/pharmaceutical establishment. Who are the QUACKS?


If the man-on-the-street KNOWS vitamins are good, Fauci and the experts must know that as well. They are not THAT stupid. It's simple. They have another agenda in mind and it's not about our HEALTH!


1. The brilliant people who "REALLY CARE" about the world and its inhabitants see fit to allow a killer virus to spread among us so we can be made to WAKE UP to the need to be vaccinated for the good of mankind.

2. Each life is so important that the entire population of Earth must be locked down, wear masks and avoid contact with other people, to save that ONE life that might be at risk.

3. At the same time, all remedies OTHER than selected vaccines, yet to be produced, must be avoided regardless of how many lives they are found to be saving. Many people will DIE for lack of these remedies but this is promoted as the sensible, "scientific," humane thing to do.


I think we have the answer. And it will get WORSE if allowed to continue—and I don't mean the virus. I mean the world's medical/pharmaceutical establishment, which is now largely funded by and under the control of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, an outfit I consider to be worse than any virus.

For anyone who wishes to dig deeper into this, follow this link and get a very detailed explanation of what is in store. It's a report from Australia.

If you read deeply enough, you will encounter the word, "polyergus," meaning a small genus of "slave-raiding" ants.

And here's a short excerpt from an interview with the Financial Times, which clearly expresses his intent. Quote: "For the world at large, normalcy only returns when we've largely vaccinated the entire global population." But hear it for yourself.


Despite attempts to muzzle us, the lines of communication are wide open across the globe—except maybe in the Communist/Socialist Utopias.

Working around the censorship and lie factories of Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like, we can look squarely into the face of these evils, see the lies for what they are and spread far and wide what we observe to be the truth.


As voters and activists, we can WORK to remove members of the Democratic Party from government office. Whatever good intention or cause once drew people to this party, it has to be increasingly obvious that the leaders have gone over to the dark side.

They want open borders, sanctuary cities for law breakers, higher taxes, profligate spending, government support for illegal aliens, no bail for criminals, empty the jails, reward the indigent, punish producers, close the churches, open the pot stores, abortions, abortions, abortions.


A vote for ANY Democrat, these days, is a vote for ALL of the above. These politicians, at all levels, march in lock step, every one. In today's Democratic Party, divergent views are not tolerated, unless they are MORE RADICAL, such as with Marxist, Bernie Sanders or the blatantly anti-Semitic "squad."

Ethical, responsible DEMOCRAT VOTERS have got to stop supporting this madness and start over from scratch. Your leaders and the moneyed elites who run the show have sold you out. They consider you to be useful idiots, solemnly marching to the beat of the paid-for media drum.

When the Utopian One World Government is firmly in place, you, with your undoubted high ideals and humanitarian views, will be the first ones to be done away with. That is history speaking, not me.

Over to you.

© 2020
by Tom Solari


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