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by Tom Solari

There's an expression, in regards to movies, called "suspension of disbelief." The audience sits in a dark theater and they know they're not actually involved in what they see on the screen but they choose to experience it as if it's really happening. They choose to suspend their disbelief.

Similarly, no one on planet Earth really believes that a guy with no following, no actual accomplishments, no likeable characteristics, a history of creepy behavior toward women and children, substantial evidence of selling his influence to foreign interests, who campaigned from his basement and of course, showing strong signs of onset dementia, actually pulled 8o+ million votes in a recent contest, the most in U.S. history.

Yet we have otherwise bright people who will jump at the opportunity to declare this odd chap a legitimate Prez, all the while hurling insults at any who see it for what it is. That is suspension of disbelief taken to an extreme. They've left the theater and are driving home, still thinking the movie is real. And they're not even on drugs. Haven't popped acid in decades.


Of course they will tell you the reason their bloke won is because his opponent, a successful businessman with a 10-year hit TV show, who draws crowds upwards of 30 to 40 thousand wherever he appears, who closed the Southern border to illegal entry, who improved the economy, made America energy independent, stopped other nations from taking financial advantage of us, created record job growth, especially among minorities, lowered the welfare rolls, brokered four peace agreements in the Middle East and told the World Economic Council, with its "Great Reset" plan, where to get off—they tell us this person is universally HATED by people who vote and that's why the other dude won.

Okay. Good. That explains it. We might as well also ignore the fact that this hated guy, in 2020, and that other Prez, Barack Obama, in 2012, both captured 18 out of 19 of the bell weather states, while the fair-haired boy from Delaware captured just 1 of the 19 in 2020. Odd... but what the hey!

And, while we're at it, let's ignore the fact that Obama, in 2012, won 873 counties, Trump, in 2020, won 2,497 counties and the guy running against Trump, in 2020, won just 477 counties.

So the universally despised guy won over 2,000 more counties than the guy who can't draw flies, and also won over 1,600 more counties than the esteemed President Obama, but somehow the basement dweller got 80+ million nods in the main event.

Oh right. He was just lucky enough to win in the seven or eight counties that make the difference in the battleground states.

Oh, oh. What's this? The guy who wins Florida, Ohio and Iowa nearly always wins for Prez but this time the winner LOST Florida, Ohio and Iowa?

The next thing they'll try to tell us is that, whereas Obama and Trump WON House seats for their party in their second go-round for Prez, Mr. Nobody managed to LOSE 15 House seats for his party, while still racking up 80+ million big ones for Prez. I guess the "coat tails" rule is hereby cancelled.

So there ya go. Miracles happen every day in the wonderful land of make believe. Just watch out for traffic at that next intersection. Those cars whizzing past are real.


In most media and social media circles, we are strictly forbidden to mention perceived problems in select counties in states known as "battleground states." A battleground state is one that history shows could go either way.

With other states across the country performing according to form, if one can affect the outcome in these battleground states, one can win the big prize. And one just has to affect the outcome in a few select populous counties WITHIN these states to capture the whole state. Who knew?

Obviously, somebody knew. On the night of the main voting event, around 11 pm, with Candidate T well ahead, the counting was supposedly stopped and the world went to bed.

Next morning, when the world woke up, Candidate B had surged ahead in all of these battleground states and the snooze media had no hesitation in calling a victory for Candidate B. Nothing to see here. Time to move on. Suspend all disbelief. End of story.


Don't tell anybody, but I'm going to describe exactly how this was accomplished, right under our noses.

Imagine, if you will, a political Party that considers itself so important and beneficial in its beliefs, that it would be a CRIME for them to not be in power.

Under this dictate, anyone who OPPOSES them is automatically considered a criminal, a domestic terrorist. It's now just a matter of imagining all of the crimes that these opponents MUST be committing, and then broadcast loudly and widely, these imagined crimes.

How do they know, with such certainty, what these crimes of their opponents might be? Good question. They just go through THEIR catalog of crimes that THEY regularly commit and, voila, they have an endless selection of crimes to attempt to pin on the opposition.


#1. In 2015, Hillary C. contracts with foreign operatives to produce a "Russian dossier" containing embarrassing things that her opponent has supposedly done. This is actual "collusion" with Russia. Nothing in the dossier turns out to be true, but that doesn't matter. It serves as fodder for her partisan media and loyal following to chew on.

Based on this, it's now easy to accuse her opponent of the crime of "colluding with Russia" and a Special Counsel is appointed to investigate and provide evidence of this collusion.

In two years of searching by the very best cut-throat lawyers in the business, zero, nada, zilch can be found of an indictable, criminal nature, but that does not disturb the "fact" of it's having occurred, if you're suspending your disbelief.

#2. It's discovered that a certain Vice-president, in his own words, on video, has threatened a foreign government to withhold a billion in U.S. aid if they don't fire a certain prosecutor investigating illegal activities of a company the VP's son happens to be on the Board of. The prosecutor is subsequently fired and the money delivered. It's called "quid pro quo." You do for me and I'll do for you.

Based on this occurrence, the Prez from the other Party is then IMPEACHED for asking the head of said foreign government to take a look at this company and the possibility of corruption and THAT is called a quid pro quo.

What is an obvious crime of corruption by the D Party candidate, is then transferred over to the R Party candidate who did NOT commit such a crime. More tasty munchies for the partisan press. Brilliant!


We now know how the Dems think up the opponents' crimes but how do they technically swipe the votes needed to "win" the contest? And what is the significance of "dead voters" and other such?

1. Imagine a vote tabulating machine company whose tabulators allow Internet connections, despite laws forbidding it. Being in the business of selling vote tabulators, what a great sales pitch in dealing with governments if they can guarantee the purchasing party can win elections, every time.

2. Next, imagine a satellite network that can a) upload content from the ground, via the Internet, b) download the content to a  server or servers elsewhere on the globe, c) alter the content, d) upload it back to the satellite and e) download the altered content back to its original location.

3. You stack up an enormous quantity of "registered voters." The registration data bases in various states and communities are seldom cleaned. They typically contain outdated or illegitimate registrations---people who've died, people who've moved, people, such as non-citizens, who are added to the roles illegally when applying for drivers licenses, felons, etc.

This adds up to large reserve tank of "registered voters," who are not expected to vote.

4. On voting day, tabulations are constantly updated so the world can see—state-by-state and even counties and precincts, minute-by-minute, via the media—who's ahead and by how much?

The people who run this creative enterprise, see where extra votes are needed and order the extra votes delivered via the satellite internet connections described in 2 above.

So these extra votes are not just appearing out of thin air, names are grabbed from the vast tank of extra "registered voters," precinct-by-precinct. This way the dead people don't actually have to get up and vote. The computer algorithm grabs their names and votes for them, so they may continue to rest in peace.


This routine is flawless as long as the chosen loser doesn't overload the system with unpredicted numbers of votes and as long as the results are not carefully audited after the contest.

UNFORTUNATELY the universally loathed and detested chosen loser DID overload the system with MILLIONS more votes than were expected, throwing a monkey wrench into the works.

"Quick! Stop the count! EVERYBODY go home for the night—except you and you and you. Are the observers all gone? Good! Keep counting. We've got some extra 'mail-in' votes that were just delivered by van. And tell those satellite guys to TURN UP THE SPIGOT. Wow! Had us worried there for a minute. Now, as long as there are no comprehensive AUDITS, we're home free."


Data moves around the Internet in "packets." Each data packet contains the IP (computer) address where it originated, what's in the packet, the route travelled, the time, the IP (computer) address where it lands and what happens to it at that point. There's more to it but you get the idea.

It's possible to capture an ongoing, real time record of these packets in transit and store them for future examination, and it's impossible to alter any aspect of these packets, after the fact. They are what they are, a precise record of an action in a moment in time.


Speaking of movies, imagine, if you will, a savvy group of individuals who are tired of vote contests being manipulated to favor a particular party. Imagine these savvy folks, based on prior knowledge of how these things work, deciding to catch the cheaters red-handed.

Imagine these highly technologically-trained individuals capturing ALL of the data packets from a particular contest, irrefutable evidence of what transpired—what vote was changed, from where, at what time, in what precinct, with what result, in every one of the 50 States.

Imagine these fellows lurking quietly in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to pounce.

Imagine the pulse-pounding terror of the perpetrators, knowing the jig is up and it's just a matter of time before they're completely found out. Desperate measures are in order, which will expose them, even more fully, as the lying, cheating, destructive skunks they are.

This live "movie" is actually in production as we speak.


Why is the idea of AUDITS being attacked by the super-winner's party?

If it's so certain that Mr. Cuecards won with 80+ million votes, wouldn't a comprehensive audit be welcomed to prove it as fact, end of story?

Why is it that the most popular candidate in Prez contest history continually gets more thumbs-down than thumbs-up, by wide margins, whenever he shows up on TV or the Internet, while Mr. Despicable continues to draw huge crowds and loud cheers wherever he goes?


For some, the lights come on, they cease suspending their disbelief and they become part of the "Walkaway" movement. Others remain emotionally attached to the imagined ending to a made up scenario and, like lemmings, they dutifully follow their leaders off the cliff, suspending their disbelief to the end.

Perhaps Lord Tennyson said it best in his CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE.

Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do and die.
Into the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred.

(Did Tennyson say "Death?" That is most certainly in violation of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Community Standards. Shame on Lord Tennyson. May his poetic works be removed from existence forever.)


This election fraud is the most critical issue of our time. If it’s not fully corrected, and soon, we no longer have a Constitutional Republic, we have a fascist collusion of Big Government, Big Business, Big Pharma, Big Education, Big Media, Big Show Biz and Big Tech in a foreign-guided dictatorship.

We the people each have some immediate work to do to set it straight. If the amount of support continuing to be seen for still-President Trump is any indication, we are well on our way to succeeding in outing the crooks and re-affirming the actual winner of the November, 2020 election.

© 2021 by Tom Solari

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