Understanding Today's
Political Environment

by Tom Solari

Given that the news media's purpose is to fix our attention on conflict and problems, minus workable solutions, we can easily lose sight of what's really going on.

It’s actually quite simple.


For decades (or more), both major American parties have been serving the same masters. There is a global elite who endeavor to run things and DO run things in most of the world, either as some type of royalty, corporate oligarchy, through the control of banking and finance or all of the above.

They are basically tyrants and follow the forms that have been around for millennia. They don't know anything else. Populations are potentially unruly and need to be tightly controlled for "safety" reasons. I doubt that this is news to very many people.

The objective is an orderly world where everyone is controlled in some way—kept in line—so as not to become a threat to the controllers.

China's Social Credit System is an excellent contemporary example. Everyone is watched, and unless you behave in a prescribed manner your life is severely restricted.


The U.S. has been a problem since 1776 when its founding documents suggested that individuals have inherent rights. These rights are not granted by rulers or governments, we are born with them. That makes America harder to control—too much individual freedom, too much economic success and too powerful a military.

A large number of politicians—mostly interested in power and influence in the direction of personal enrichment—are easily swayed to do the bidding of the controllers.

Fortunately, there are a handful in government with the common sense and personal integrity to resist pressures to conform.

With the exception of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, Republican and Democrat presidents since JFK have been content to follow the global directives, asserting themselves this way or that without rocking the globalist boat.


At the grass roots, there really IS an observable difference between the two major political parties!


Most Democrats—decent people—have been taught that Republicans are BAD! That’s basically it.

Starting with this premise, learned either as children at home or in school up through the university level, they then automatically accept whatever expressions of Republicans being BAD that are presented to them—they are racist, they are too rich, they hate the environment, they don’t care about people, etc.

There is no changing this mindset because it’s not based on rational data of any kind. It’s just a “known” quantity, a fixed idea. Republicans are BAD!

Then the “proof” is presented, mostly in the form of speculation, unfounded accusations or anecdotal evidence of some isolated Republican, somewhere, having been caught being BAD. For the average Democrat, this effectively taints ALL the many millions of Republicans. End of story.

There are also many bright, well-intended, liberal-minded individuals who vote mostly Democrat but prefer to be known as Independent thinkers and voters. Once they get on board with a particular issue, such as that Trump is an evil, anti-social individual who must be stopped at all costs, they will go to extraordinary lengths to intellectualize this viewpoint and justify whatever crimes and inconsistencies appear to forward his undoing.


Republicans, on the other hand, are NOT Republicans because they think Democrats are BAD! Primarily, Republicans are Republicans because of some practical issue that they believe in.

They believe in the right to bear arms or in smaller government or that there is life in the womb. Or they believe immigration laws should be obeyed and enforced. They believe “sanctuary” cities and states are providing safe havens for lawbreakers and endangering law-abiding citizens. Or they have observed that what passes for education is simply indoctrination into the Democrat belief that Republicans hate the environment and are, therefore, BAD!

This is a sizable difference between the two parties and I don’t think anyone has looked at it this way before. But remember, we’re talking about individual party members, not the leaders, and there are exceptions to every rule.


Here is where the two parties begin to look the same.

Many Republican leaders play to the issues of Republican voters but when they get elected they slip into line under the powerful elite, whom they believe can positively shape their futures if they play ball. And when they do, they get to rub elbows with “the very best people” and they are pampered by the media—until next election time when the media condemns them as BAD for all the usual reasons.

The Democrat leaders, on the other hand, were long ago spawned in socialist incubators and hatcheries we call schools and universities. They are the willing foot soldiers of global elite forces working round-the-clock to weaken America as founded. This they call being “progressive.”


This might come as a shock to some but there are countries and ideologies in competition with America and the idea of individual liberty.

There are communist countries that insist individual freedom and individual ownership of property are bad things and populations must be hogtied “for the common good.” They continue to have as their goal a worldwide communist police state, such as we see in China, Cuba and North Korea.

There are Islamic countries operating according to the radical religious belief that every individual on Earth must ultimately bow to their God, under pain of death. And the U.S., from this view, is the “Great Satan” which must be destroyed—along with the nation of Israel.

And then there are Western Democracies whose leaders are part of or mostly under the thumbs of the global elite and they resent the strength and independence of Americans. They each would like a piece of the American pie, however they can arrange it.

So we have ENEMIES of various types. They feel that they get bigger if America becomes smaller and they support each other toward that end. One example is the team-up of radical Islam Jihadists and the anti-American, Marxist extremists we see causing chaos in our cities—Antifa, BLM.


The Democratic Party is now completely aligned with the goals of our enemies.

As an example, a tent-pole issue, so called “human-caused climate change” is a scam to control, restrain and extort money from industry, especially American industry. At the same time, China, India and some other countries who are the worst polluters are not subject to these mandates.

The Democrat-run educational systems in this country are factories of indoctrination which have been turning out generations of students who follow the Socialist party line and are barely able to read or write, much less think for themselves. They do, however, know how to protest on cue.

High-value Democrat concepts, such as government-run health care, income equality and abortion-on-demand, are found, in practice, to be economically and morally destructive to the social fabric.

Cities in America where Democrats are in charge are disaster zones, with crime, poverty and homelessness run-rampant—Chicago, Baltimore, NYC, San Francisco. They typically have the strictest gun control laws and highest murder rates.

The once rich People’s Republic of California, a Democrat stronghold, now struggles with high poverty rates. And it fights for open borders in order to flood our country with illegal aliens, whom they consider will vote Democrat once legalized.

That foreign enemy agents, jihadists, human traffickers and dangerous drugs are also flooding in is of no consequence. That the mass influx of low-pay foreign workers robs Americans of well-paying jobs is of no concern.


There is an axiom that states, “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. Law-abiding citizens will obey the law, as they always do. Criminals won’t.”

This happens to be an obvious, observable truth but it requires some degree of logic and common sense to arrive at that conclusion.

A disarmed America becomes conquerable without a fight, either from an internal suppressive government or an external enemy force.

The outlawing of guns is a major goal of the Democratic Party. If they succeed in disarming us, the sole beneficiaries will be America's enemies at home and abroad.

Democrat leaders and so-called “Liberals” are never sidetracked by logic or common sense. There is an agenda. They have marching orders. They march to the beat of this drum, facts and logic be damned.

They do this with great confidence and a smug sense of superiority. And if any dare stray from the party line, they are viciously attacked by their peers. (Try it and see.)

The deplorable hayseeds who DO use home-grown logic and common sense are thought to be stupid.

Fortunately, more and more sensible Democrats are catching on to what that party has become and they are walking away, despite the brickbats being hurled at them.


There is a wild conspiracy theory that says that the “Progressives” (Marxists, Communists, Socialists) have been aggressively infiltrating our educational systems, our unions, artistic communities, many churches, mass media and the Democratic Party since the days of the Cold War or before.

This is a conspiracy theory of the very worst kind because it’s demonstrably true.

Notice the riots and protests to prevent Conservative Republicans from speaking at American colleges and universities and the institutions are okay with that. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution means nothing to these folks. If we don't speak their language, we don't speak.

Add to that the stifling of Conservative speech and ideas occurring daily on social media platforms—Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. If you state a viewpoint that these Left-run outlets disagree with, it's labeled "False Information" and effectively banned. Or you, yourself, can be banned from participating in these public forums.

And it's easy to see that the violent demonstrators of today—people determined to tear down our culture—are the products of American education up through the university level.

So we have generations of people who don’t understand the exceptional greatness of this country, who can’t think logically and who “know” with great certainty that government should be taking care of everyone—free health care, free universities, free food, free shelter, etc. And it’s considered heartless and cruel for anyone to think differently.

Ask the question, “Who’s going to pay for all of this?” No workable answer is ever forthcoming. That would require an understanding of the concept of products and exchange. Produce a product or service that is needed or wanted by others and you can receive something back in exchange.

There is no "government money," it's TAXPAYER money earned by people who work for a living. The fiat currency created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve is actually loans which our kids and grand kids will have to pay back.

The FACT that Socialism, in whatever form it’s tried, fails completely every time it’s tried, is never entered into the Progressive equation.


The Progressive opinion leaders—university professors, lawyers, actors, film directors, media icons, Google execs, Silicon Valley CEOs—are thought to be the smartest people on Earth, the intelligentsia’s intelligentsia.

Yet, they believe in social programs that reward failure and punish production and success. Where do you suppose that leads? And they love the idea of a “living, breathing Constitution,” which can be adjusted willy-nilly to fit the mood of the times or the party in power.

They thought Hillary Clinton was a good choice for President, the most powerful office on Earth. And now, out of disdain for President Trump, they willingly vote for Joe Biden—or Daffy Duck, if he were the Democrat nominee.

And they’ve bought the idea that there are an unlimited number of genders and gender CANNOT be determined at birth by mere physical characteristics.

Very sad that many female athletes now have to compete against biological males, ruining their chances for medals and other achievements in sports.

That is the socially conscious and "brilliant" Democratic Party at work.

How fortunate we are that cars, bridges and buildings are not built with this degree of logic.


Currently, the two most divisive words in the English language are DONALD TRUMP. There are reasons this name causes so much controversy.

The global elite and their puppets in America, after successfully electing two Bushes, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to the presidency, were then content to elect Hillary Clinton in 2016. Hillary had demonstrated for decades that she would do ANYTHING in exchange for personal power and enrichment—the perfect candidate.

But there was something different about the election of Donald Trump. It meant that we had a total maverick in the White House. And he was a successful billionaire businessman to boot.

He knew how to build things, how to hire the right people and fire the incompetent. He could not be swayed or enchanted by promised financial enrichment. He had already achieved everything he had ever set out to do.

And then it appeared that Trump had an agenda of his own. He wanted to REVERSE the disastrous course the Progressives and the Global Elite had America on and he wanted to Make America Great Again.

This was a TERRIBLE situation for the puppet masters and their U.S. operatives. After years and years of free-wheeling “Deep State” shenanigans at the FBI, the CIA and the Department
of “Justice,” the cover was blown and crimes began coming to light.

People get VERY UPSET when their misdeeds are in danger of being found out.


By the time a smooth-talking leftist community organizer named Barack Obama was elected in 2008—a man who knew nothing about business or economics and who appeared to have an ax to grind against America—a large number of Americans began to wake up to the fact that the enemy was entrenched within our borders and we had elected one of them as our president.

These Americans elected a Republican majority to the House in 2010 and by 2014 they had the House and the Senate. And then, in 2016, they had the White House and countless state and local offices.

The Democratic Party—with 95% of the news media on its side, with the unions, universities, billionaire tech titans, nearly all of Hollywood and show business vocally behind it—found itself in danger of extinction at the ballot box.

In addition, the whole New World Order of the global elite was being threatened—by one man, albeit with the support of millions upon millions of patriotic Americans. Sorry, I mean deplorable, ignorant hayseeds.

The whole of Planet Earth had been turned on its ear. This could not be allowed to stand. It was 1776 all over again!


It was obvious, especially to the Democratic Party leadership, that their party COULD NOT, in any way, sustain even the slightest appearance of Trump being successful.

It was absolutely essential—and this is the use of the word ABSOLUTELY in its fullest sense—that Donald Trump be seen as a fake and a failure. The very existence of the Democratic Party was at stake. And that meant trouble for the global elite.

We can understand the desperation. I would not want to be in that position.

I honestly feel for the Democrat rank-and-file who have been loyally voting Democrat for decades—for all the best reasons—and now find themselves on the side of and attempting to defend what is, actually, insane behavior in support of people and powers intent on reducing our country to rubble.


Fortunately, it’s possible for a person to re-evaluate his circumstances and the side of the fence he has found himself on. What’s required is that a person inform himself HONESTLY of the actual intentions and activities of a particular group, brushing aside all bias and rumor.

It’s not easy and it doesn’t always mean changing sides, but it could. There’s more to it but that’s a start.


There are those who will never question their position, however absurd. There is a reason for this.

At certain chronic emotional levels, secretly hostile, for example, lying and cheating is second nature and it’s assumed everyone does it. It’s IMPOSSIBLE for a secretly hostile person to conceive of actual truthfulness and goodness, much less admit a mistake.

This explains the actions of certain people and politicians. We keep trying to understand how they can think and act a certain way and why they have such slight regard for the rest of us. It can drive us a bit nutty trying to figure them out.

The truth is, they are insane and no logic seeps in. What we think of as goodness and truthfulness, they see as pretense or lacking the smarts to successfully lie, cheat and steal.


It was game 4 of the World Series. The Dems are down 3 games to zip. It's the bottom of the 9th inning, they are behind 14 to 2, the bases are empty, with 2 outs, and the batter has 2 strikes against him.

For many, it was time for threats, mayhem and riots, which we saw daily—violent behavior actively encouraged or, at best, ignored by Democrat politicians and spokespeople. That was all they had.

It worked in Soviet Russia. It worked in Nazi Germany. It worked in Fascist Italy. It worked in Red China. It worked in Communist Cuba. And it's currently working in Venezuela.

What does it work to do?

It works to enslave countries, causing untold misery and death.

After decades of unhindered success moving their agenda forward, these usurpers of individual rights and enemies of logic and reason would not slip away quietly. Their departure would be raucous and noisy.

When order is put into an area, the underlying disorder and confusion comes to the surface. It can be a hellish mess for a while and many can be hurt in the process.

In the immortal words of Winston Churchill, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.


Here we have Trump roaring along in office, creating success after success
—record-low unemployment, plummeting welfare rolls, removal of unnecessary, burdensome regulations on business, challenging foreign powers who have been ripping us off with unfavorable trade deals, no more wars, bringing our troops home, enormous crowds wherever he goes, jobs, jobs, jobs.

In other words, impending disaster for the Democratic Party and the Global Elite. Desperate measures are needed.

Suddenly, out of China, comes a so-called virus and the world is effectively shut down during the lead-up to the election.


It's hard to imagine the evils certain people and institutions will resort to in order to maintain their grasp on power.

It's actually simple to understand, if you look squarely at it, but, for many, it's literally impossible to confront. And, of course, "explanations" abound to invalidate and distract from the truth.

It's a widely-known fact  that COVID death rates were grossly exaggerated. Why? To make it seem worse than it is. Why? To instill fear in the population. Why? As an excuse to close everything down, mandate mask wearing and require "social" distancing. Why? To ruin Trump's (and the world's) economy. Why? To hinder Trump's election potential and, in the process, get people used to being totally controlled on a bypass of their Constitutional Rights. Why?


In the words of Klaus Schwab, head of the Davos World Economic Forum, "You will own nothing and you'll be happy about it." The global elites, with their "Great Reset," are actually carrying out a plan to enslave the rest of us—the ones who survive the man-made COVID disaster, that is.


The bulk of this essay was written in September of 2018. The Democrats took the House that November and we see the level of insanity that ensued in that body thereafter.

And then it was updated in October, 2020, prior to the election and now updated again after the November, 2020 stolen election.

Notice how these words still apply, with continuing violent riots and destruction all across the country, openly led by a cadre of ADMITTEDLY trained Marxists, following through with a decades-old mandate to destroy our free culture and replace it with a Socialist “Utopia,” where everyone owns everything and everyone owns nothing—except for the Commissars.

Also note which cities and states have the greatest turmoil—nearly all of them Democrat run. Someone needs to tell them that there IS such a thing as governance. It’s not all just politics, pandering and graft. It will fall on deaf ears.

Seattle mayor, Jenny Durkan - CHAZ is a "block party," "summer of love"
until protestors showed up at her house.


There is no moving forward knowing that the Democrats cheated and Joe Biden was not legitimately elected.
It's also safe to assume that the methods used to steal this election have been in place for a long time and there are many currently in office, at all levels, who should not be there.

That leaves us, essentially, with no elected government in place in Washington today.

Even knowing how desperate the Democrat leaders were, no one could have predicted the lengths to which they would go to secure the defeat of President Trump. On October 24, 2020, Joe Biden actually said it himself, on camera.

Biden: "We are in a situation where we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics."

See him say it HERE

Understandably, the Biden campaign quickly covered, saying that he had "misspoke" and "it was taken out of context."

It's undoubtedly true that Biden hadn't intended to say that, but the uncanny truth is that it was predictive of what occurred. The election WAS stolen by massive, many-faceted voter fraud on the part of the Democrats, and in collusion with enemy foreign powers.


Of course, the Democrat perpetrators deny this and deny and deny. Not hard to understand. CRIMINALS WILL DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING TO AVOID BEING CAUGHT.

And they will be supported by their friends in Big Tech, the Main Stream Media and the rest of the Globalist world. In fact, no mention of this enormous and obvious crime is allowed on the platforms controlled by these forces.


There are teams of people, throughout the land, who are challenging the results, conducting audits and bringing suits.

It's an uphill battle as much of the governmental balance of power—Executive, Legislative, Judiciary—has been compromised over the years.

What's obvious is that these crimes must be uncovered, prosecuted and the fraudulent results overturned. Otherwise there is no future for the America as we have known it.

The stolen election of 2020 cannot be allowed to stand.


Our Constitution begins with the words WE THE PEOPLE for a reason. It's the first time in history that a government has been formed based on the idea of INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM as its primary consideration.

With freedom comes responsibility.

You can see how hard our enemies are working to take us down. The question is, how hard are WE, you and I, willing to work to defeat them and restore order and decency?


We have gotten lazy and assumed somebody in government was taking care of things. That can happen when times are good.

Those times are over.

What's needed now is for every man, woman and child to see what we each can do to help select and elect decent, Constitutionally-minded, America-loving candidates for office—school boards, councils, committees, legislatures at every level; town, city, county, state and federal.

Find a way to get involved and make your voice heard.


At any level—city, county, state, federal—there is NO GOOD REASON for any Democrat to be elected, period. They will march in lockstep and surrender our Republic to the global elite and their minions, domestic and foreign. You will see continuing chaos and disaster.

If there's any question about it, just look at how they're coddling the rioters, dismantling the police and working to prolong the COVID-19 lockdowns in order to suppress the economy.

These are the lengths they will go to in order to maintain their grasp on power. Public safety and individual livelihoods are not important to them.

Regardless of prior party affiliation, it’s time to join forces in setting the matter straight.

I can understand that a lifelong Democrat shudders at the thought of voting Republican. So, don't.

But, if you continue to vote Democrat, YOU are actively contributing to the chaos that Democrat leaders—mayors, governors and Members of Congress—are currently unleashing upon our nation.

Thanks for listening. I know you see it. Now it's time to take some responsibility and help us get back on a survival track.

© 2021 by Tom Solari

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