Where To Begin? 
by Tom Solari

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Amid the endless clash and clamor of diverse political viewpoints and opinions, is it possible to arrive at a few basic principles that most people can agree with?


There are as many reasons for political choice as there are people but there are also natural laws.  For example: it is generally agreed that things, when dropped, tend to fall. We call it the Law of Gravity.


There is another natural law that is usually overlooked or ignored in the fields of politics and government. Let's call it the Law of Incentives. When you reward a certain kind of behavior, you get more of it. Conversely, if you punish a type of behavior you get less of it.

Example: most will agree that, in football, it is not a good idea to fine the star running back every time he makes a touchdown. Nor would we reward fumbles with a cash bonus.

I think it's obvious to most people—Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians or whatever—that the practice of rewarding failure and punishing success will not produce a winning football team.

I will venture to say that in NO sport or contest, anywhere in history or in the world, has this ever even been tried. It just doesn't make sense—if the idea is to WIN!

On the other hand, if Team A can convince Team B to adopt this approach, that is a sure-fire way for Team A to defeat Team B.


Assuming you are tracking with the logic of this and are in basic agreement with its being a natural law, I believe we have a simple litmus test with which to judge the fitness of any candidate, politician, political ideology or law.

Understand, I'm not trying to make a political point in favor one group or another. We need to get beyond that. This is not politics, it's natural law, it's common sense, it's raw survival.

My sole interest is in uniting sensible people in support of workable principles and the avoidance of policies that will produce widespread chaos and failure and our ultimate collapse as a nation.

It's time to differentiate between partisan politics and an honest attempt to avert disaster.

If a group of people were about to march off a cliff, I don't think you'd be faulted for alerting them to the danger.

So, it's not partisan to say that it's destructive to individuals and society to promote the idea that failure in life deserves a government handout at the expense of those who do okay.


To return to the football analogy, per the Law of Incentives, whoever promotes a policy of rewarding the unsuccessful with grants from the treasury and punishing the successful with higher taxes and other governmental burdens until there is an "equality" of outcomes—this person or ideology is:

a) severely misguided or
b) actively wanting and promoting the nation's demise.

And when we know better, being "reasonable" and tolerant of such thinking or actions is:

c) irresponsible.

There is no other way to accurately express it. With government social programs, you are nudging vast numbers of people to blissfully march off a cliff. Instead of helping them to get on their feet, you are securing for them the notion that they can't make it on their own. That is destructive to their sanity. The Law of Incentives is very real and the results are guaranteed whichever way you play it.

There is no single thing in the universe that is exactly equal to any other single thing. Each separate thing or person is different. We have different skills and aspirations.

In a free society, each individual decides who or what he wants to be and how hard he wants to work at what he wants to do. What he ends up having is up for grabs.

Some will excel and some will fail. But, in failing or succeeding, there is something to be learned by the experience and we have the potential to grow.


When we try to protect everyone from failure or harm, it's like a football game where players are prohibited from hitting or tackling each other and, at the end of the day, all are declared winners. This is worse than death itself. No one will watch and no one will play.

And yet we have leaders who revel in the idea of government sanction and control of every action. They say it's the good and fair thing to do. But then they conveniently exclude themselves from whatever it is they force us into.

The truth is, they see themselves as our caretakers. We are the hopeless, helpless masses who need to be corralled and hogtied to keep us from harm.

Take a good look at these people, gloating over their momentous achievement.

They have succeeded in passing a law that puts the entire health industry into government hands
—the same government that cannot build a functioning web site despite millions of dollars spent.

These powers that be now have access to and control over every detail of every person's personal health and finance.

You might see this group of people as leaders of a particular political party. That's not the point. The point is that, with the "Affordable Care" Act, they are selling you and the rest of us out.

They are co-opting the entire insurance industry and the medical field, while granting special favors to unions, big business and, through mental health parity provisions firmly encased in the law, ensuring countless more billions in profits for big pharma, as they seek to put the entire populace on mind-altering drugs.

And will they use what they learn about your private life to their political advantage?
  Isn't it the IRS that has been put in charge of enforcing compliance with this law—the same supposedly non-partisan IRS that discriminated against certain groups and delayed applications for non-profit status prior to an important election?

What do you think? Is the pope Catholic? Does a bear crap in the woods?

But back to the point. Let's cease to think in "political" terms. Use the logic of the Law of Incentives to guide our choices as to who should run things.

Do not vote for the "brilliant" politicians who swear to have our best interests at heart and then design and push forward laws that reward failure and punish success.

DEFEAT these charming bastards and watch us all WIN!
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