Inhuman Beings -
The Chemicalized Personality

by Tom Solari
  A mother drowns her five children. Students massacre classmates. An Iraq vet stabs his wife seventy-one times. How can this happen?

A common thread in these occurrences is the fact that the killers have been taking psychiatric medications.

But that is too simple. So we hear about “post-partum depression” and “combat stress.” In the case of the teens, it’s “the breakdown of the family” or it’s the music, the movies, the video games. Or for those who forward a political agenda, it's the GUNS.

The real answer is the dehumanizing effect of DRUGS.


A human being has more than one aspect. There is a definite electro-chemical component. The body physically functions via electro-chemical processes.

Then there is that aspect which perceives and reasons and creates. This is not electro-chemical.

When people communicate with each other, it is not chemical molecules that are exchanging ideas. This is the spiritual aspect; the conscious, aware individual.

There is also a mental component—a mind—which is an interactive link between the reasoning factor and the physical.


A healthy mind (motivated by the spirit) is analytical.

A less healthy mind is less analytical and more and more reactive. It operates on a stimulus/response basis, motivated by random factors.

A troubled, unhealthy mind doesn’t reason. It doesn’t perceive well. It reacts to stimuli.


For a long time the mental health establishment has been telling us that we are chemical in nature. They would have us believe that they can solve our problems with mood-altering drugs—a little dash of this and a little dash of that.

That approach may work at the purely physical level, as in taking antibiotics to handle infection, but it is not the physical component that gives us our rationality, our humanity.

It is not the molecules in the brain that are thinking and perceiving, loving and caring, creating great music and art.

No, the physical component is comprised of cells and electrical impulses, which are as reasoning and creative as an avocado or the electric current that powers your toaster.


When a person is troubled, he is already sliding in the direction of the reactive, unthinking, physical-impulse side of his nature.

To then give him chemical, mood-altering drugs, pushes him further in that direction.

While the sedative effect may appear to calm him down, he is becoming more and more chemicalized.


So is it any wonder that these killers seem less than human? They ARE less than human.

Though they can appear bright and calculating at times, real judgment is gone. They are completely reactive; alienated.

Their minds bubble and boil like the mass of chemicals they have become. The analytical capacity is gone. The spirit is gone. Their humanity is gone.

They respond randomly and literally to stimuli (enter music, movies, video games).


Then, in the extreme, they lash out with violence at the imagined demons and enemies in their own unreal world.

They have been mentally short-circuited by the drugs that are supposed to be helping them.

It is the ultimate betrayal, kept alive by the PROFIT MOTIVE.


And when their bizarre, chemically induced, nightmare world collides with the world of OUR reality—which consists of living people, loving families, children, teachers, learning, accomplishment—a slaughter ensues and we are left to wonder “WHY?” “WHAT HAPPENED?”


The answer: we are relying on psychiatry to handle troubled individuals and psychiatry has NO valid answers. ZERO, NADA, NONE!

They have NO scientific test for mental illness and they have NO cure. Psychiatrists admit this

All they know how to do is prescribe dangerous drugs.

Regarding mass killer, Devin Kelley, who killed 26 people in a church in Texas, a former classmate says "His parents had him on high doses of 'psych' meds from 6th to 9th grade, the time I knew him."

More recently, a relative of the  young man who murdered 17 high school students and teachers in Parkland, Florida said "...she believed Nikolas Cruz was on medication to deal with his emotional fragility."

If you believe these are isolated incidents, watch this:


Some will say they have been helped by these drugs. A few martinis after work seem to "help" as well.

It's still a chemical dependency that appears to handle a problem by making us less aware of it—in the best of cases.

It's a bit like Russian Roulette. Sometimes the gun just goes "click."

And why would anyone perpetrate such a crime as to drug children and adults, driving them insane to the point of mass slaughter, all in the name of HELP?


It’s too horribly simple. The prescribing and sale of these drugs is a multi-multi-BILLION dollar BU$INE$$.

And why don't the mass media sound the alarm before further slaughter ensues?

Drug companies spend upwards of $5 BILLION a year advertising in these media

And why doesn't Congress investigate the connection between mood-altering drugs and these violent incidents?

In the past decade, drug companies have spent $2.3 BILLION lobbying Congress.


You might think there is an exception in the fanaticism of certain religious extremists but you will likely discover that the suicide bombers and other terrorists have been heavily drugged as well, to make them capable of such horrendous slaughter.


The good news is that people are waking up to these facts and, through the communication explosion that is social media, these evils are being exposed on a widening scale.

It’s time.

Pass it on.

Tom Solari

Tom Solari is a professional writer and video producer, living and working in Los Angeles. He is concerned about a culture that promotes chemical dependency as a solution to problems when logic and the evidence shows that this approach deepens the problem by numbing the brain, muddling the mind and undermining the human spirit.


Visit http://www.cchr.org/ for the full story of psychiatry.

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